2008 Bridgman Syrah

We love Washington state wine, and syrah is their greatest product. Drinking our way around Walla Walla recently, we were blown away by the quality. Unfortunately, we see very little of the best stuff here on the east coast, and what we do see is very expensive. 
All of which is a roundabout way of saying I was excited when they guy at the wine store said this wine was good and “varietally correct” for $15.
Unfortunately, it’s not that good. It’s fine enough, and if someone poured me a glass at a party I’d drink it, but to buy again? No way. Very little nose and just not that much going on here.  
If I assigned this a grade, it’d be C+. 


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I like to drink and write about wine. I'm an equal opportunity drinker, but gravitate toward France, the Pacific Northwest and up-and-comers like New York and Virginia.
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