2008 Andrew Murray ‘Tous les Jours’ Syrah

I love Syrah more than any other grape, especially when it comes out of Washington State or France. This excellent and very well-priced California bottle hits the sweet spot, though. 

Tastes like raspberries and blackberries but with that savory sort of gaminess that marks a lot of syrah. A really, really enjoyable glass of wine. I love it.

This wine has gotten a lot of good press and, given the price of about $16, was going fast at my local wine shop. If I was the kind of person who was dropping $250 at the drop of a hat, I’d buy a case of it.


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I like to drink and write about wine. I'm an equal opportunity drinker, but gravitate toward France, the Pacific Northwest and up-and-comers like New York and Virginia.
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