2008 Covey Run Riesling

Two “supermarket brands” in a row. Oh, well.

We actually bought this at Trader Joe’s. I am not one of those who wax on about TJ’s wine, as I think most of it kind of sucks, and a $6 bottle (or $4 or $3) of mediocre wine is not a bargain at all, as far as I’m concerned. 

But this is a well-known wine from a big brand known for values, and for some reason it was on clearance at TJ’s for $3.99. I figured we’d buy it and pop it one night when someone we didn’t like very much came over, but I needed something to go with our favorite spicy Vietnamese chicken dish, and figured this would fit the bell. 

Total home run for $4. Tastes like real Riesling, with nice green apple flavors and just a hint of stone. Wish I had bought a bunch more. 


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