2009 Longplay ‘Lia’s Vineyard’ Pinot Noir

Oregon makes perhaps some of the best pinot in the world, and this bottle comes from the winery making perhaps the best value of some of these best wines in the world. 

I don’t remember exactly what we paid for this, but it was not too far north of $20. Spend a little bit of time in Oregon vineyards and you realize that for $20, you ain’t gettin’ much. Heck, most places you aren’t getting much for $30.

And that’s ok. Winemaking is hard work and not cheap, and I don’t think they even let you sniff the good stuff in Burgundy for less than two months salary. Which is to say, when you find a true expression of Oregon pinot, full of rich berries and ample earth, and it’s from a single vineyard and it costs less than $25, you buy it and don’t ask a lot of questions. 

Seriously, though: Great, light bodied (but rich!) Pinot. GREAT value. Get it while you can if you can. It’s virtually impossible for me to imagine anyone not enjoying this wine a great deal.


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