2009 J. Rickards Old Vine Zinfandel

We first had a J. Rickards wine when someone at a small wine shop in California encouraged us to buy a bottle if we wanted to taste a real, super small-scale local winery. That was a bottle of Cab, and I remember it as delicious.

I got this bottle as a set from wine.woot, which often has has interesting, winery-direct items. Not disappointed. 

Although Zin dominant, this is a hodgepodge of ~8 grapes, all fermented together. It’s big but not huge, and would go great with anything grilled. A crowd pleaser. Great job, J. Rickards—I hope to visit you in person one day.


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I like to drink and write about wine. I'm an equal opportunity drinker, but gravitate toward France, the Pacific Northwest and up-and-comers like New York and Virginia.
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