2009 Field Recordings ‘Fiction’

fictionIs there anything more disappointing than opening a wine you were excited about drinking and being met with mediocrity?

No. There is nothing more disappointing.

I remember enjoying this wine at a tasting, and I don’t know if it faded hard and fast since then, I got a bum bottle, or my palate was fatigued beyond recognition when I tasted this for the first time, but for whatever reason, the bottle is not up to par.

This is a weirdo field blend of multiple grapes, dominated by syrah and tempranillo. Popped and decanted on saturday, the nose was dominated by cranberry. A pretty, almost hazy dark ruby, the wine comes across as both too sweet and unpleasantly tart.

I won’t go into the descriptors beyond that, but suffice to say finishing it was a chore. Super pretty label, though.




About davetalkswine

I like to drink and write about wine. I'm an equal opportunity drinker, but gravitate toward France, the Pacific Northwest and up-and-comers like New York and Virginia.
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