2010 Blenheim Painted Red

Painted-Red-150x240We drank this wine over a week ago, so the notes are a little hazy. I can say that like almost all Blenheim wines, it’s competently made and easy to drink.

There’s some chocolate and oak and a very Virginia nose to this Merlot-dominant wine, which is one of the two Blenheim flagships and sports a cool, Dave Matthews-painted label.

Priced in the high $20s, I would not rate this terribly highly on a QPR scale, but it’s solid Virginia wine from a good vintage. Also, Blenheim gets extra points for bottling everything they do under twist-off. I wish everyone in the state was as forward thinking.



About davetalkswine

I like to drink and write about wine. I'm an equal opportunity drinker, but gravitate toward France, the Pacific Northwest and up-and-comers like New York and Virginia.
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