Cheap Wine Hall of Fame

Some cheap wines are so good they transcend their modest price tag. At the CWHoF, we remember the great ones. These are truly the best cheap wines.

The rules? You have to be widely available for under $10. Maybe, just maybe, we’ll bump the threshold up to $15 for something mindblowingly delicious.

And, like at Cooperstown, we don’t take kindly to juicers. Evidence of wood chips, megapurple or other odd additives will not please the selection committee. They are, however, easy to slide by the committee.


2011 Tarima Monastrell– Incredible buy at $7 or $8.

2011 Borsao Tinto– Another in a string of crazy dense, fruity 2011 Spanish wines.

2011 Fuego Garnacha– Anywhere below $10 this is a crazy deal. Find it at $7 and it’s probably your deal of the year. Big boy.


2011 Hugues Beaulieu Picpoul de Pinet- I can often find this wine around Virginia for as little as $6. At that price, it is simply the best wine value I know. Refreshing but serious, I remember one wine writer once said something about how it was a white for those who like their wine to taste like a gin and tonic. That’s about right.


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